Using Creative Strategies to Hire the Right Person

AGS NGO BlogBy Gabriela Lemus
M..A. Candidate 2017

Friday, 12 May 2017

Adam Bryant, the editorial director of live journalism at the New York Times, says he interviewed 500 CEOs about leadership for his weekly “Corner Office” series, asking them a simple question: “How do you hire?”

Their years of experience interviewing and hiring potential candidates have given them strategic knowledge to determine whether a candidate will be a team player and a good fit for their institution. The strategies, developed through a trial and error process, might seem unusual compared to standard practices. But they say the process gives them an insight into a candidate’s character and work ethics that a polished resume, a list of references and already formulated answers, might not give them.

These tips can also help job hunters find out what interviewers are looking for and help them prepare ahead of time.

Among the non-conventional strategies: sharing a meal with the candidate, which will help reveal if they are considerate of others, if they look people in the eye and if they engage well with others; and 'throwing a Curve Ball' by posing unusual questions that will encourage candidates to open up and provide information about how they might react in certain situations. Some unusual questions might be, “What is your natural strength?” or “What kind of animal would you be and why?” Their answers can reveal what particular skill or ability comes natural to them and how articulate they can be.

Worth reading if you’re in a position to hire anyone. The full article can be found here.

Public domain photo via Pixabay

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