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Prof. Milovidov Attends UN Committee on the Rights of the Child Meeting

Read more...On September 12, Professor Elizabeth Milovidov attended the 2014 Day of General Discussion organized by the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child in the Palais des Nations in Geneva. This year's theme was "Digital Media and ...

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Prof. Anand Teaches in the JSA Program at Princeton

Read more...In July Professor Ruchi Anand taught a summer course at Princeton University, as part of the Junior State of America programs. Dr. Anand has taught with JSA Summer Programs since 2001 at ...

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Prof. Graziano Publishes Book on Geopolitics with Columbia University Press

Read more...Professor Graziano's latest book has been accepted for publication by Columbia University Press. The subject is the geopolitics of religions: Manlio Graziano explains why, and when, religion has gained back its major role and impact in international ...

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Professor Yates Interviewed on Al Jazeera about African Politics

Read more...Professor Yates was interviewed for Al Jazeera’s flagship discussion show ‘Empire’ about the increasing presence of Chinese, French and American military forces and business interests on the African continent. This show will be broadcast this Sunday, July 27, at ...

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Prof. Milovidov in Senegal to Speak on Gender and Leadership

Read more...Prof. Elizabeth Milovidov conducted a series of workshops on Gender and Leadership in Dakar, at Yavuz Selim Middle School, on July 15-16. She spoke on themes such as women empowerment, gender and equality, and women leadership to raise awareness ...

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Ambassador Bolewski Discusses Germany’s Role in Ukraine on BBC

Read more...AGS Professor Ambassador Wilfried Bolewski was interviewed on BBC Radio 5‘s Up All Night show on May 14th, where he discussed this week’s visit by German Foreign Minister Steinmeier to Kiev in order to assist in mediating the ongoing ...

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Tatiana Coutto Presents at UNIDIR Conference on Disarmament in Geneva

Read more...Professor Tatiana Coutto will participate in an International Conference on disarmament in the Middle East, which will take place in Geneva (Switzerland) on June 25. The event will be chaired by Director of the United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research (UNIDIR), ...

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Professor Graziano Invited to China as a Guest Professor of Geopolitics

Read more...Professor Manlio Graziano was invited to Suzhou, China to teach a two-week course module on geopolitics to Master's students of Business. His classes provide a perspective on the political context within the international community of the countries with which ...

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Patrick Bratton Does a Research Trip to India

Read more...Dr. Patrick Bratton, Thesis Advisor at AGS in Paris and Director of the Diplomacy and Military Studies department at the AGS's partner institution Hawai'i Pacific University, is travelling to Delhi, India on May 14 to June ...

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Dr. David Pike Invited to Speak in the US, Italy, Portugal, and France

Read more...Dr. David Pike, our faculty specialist of contemporary history and the author of many books on World War II and the Spanish Civil War, has been invited to share his expertise with audiences in multiple countries over the past ...

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quote leftFrom current issues in the Middle East taught together by an Iranian historian and an Israelli journalist, to NGO management taught by the director of Human Rights Watch in France, every class was fascinating and taught by some of the most impressive people I could ever have imagined. I immediately felt at home in this small but active AGS community because, although students and professors are all from different parts of the world, everyone takes the time to understand each other's perspective. Overall, I would recommend AGS to anyone with a thirst for intellectual stimulation and a drive to not only understand the world of international relations, but engage in it..quote right

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