Prof. Graziano presents his latest book at the Italian Cultural Institute in New York

Friday, 14 October 2011

manlio-graziano-100x120.jpgProfessor Manlio Graziano presented his latest book, The Failure of Italian Nationhood (New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2010) at the Italian Cultural Institute in New York City on September 13, in front of an audience of around fifty journalists, university professors, and other public interested in Italian culture and politics.

Prof. Graziano at the Italian Institute of Culture in New York, 13 sept. 2011

After an introduction by Dr. Stanislao Pugliese, Modern History Professor at Hofstra University, Dr. Graziano gave a presentation on his book which seeks to explains the political instability of Italy and the reasons why the Italian State was never really unified as a nation. This book was written originally in French under the title L'Italie, un Etat Sans Nation? (Toulouse: Eres, 2007), then translated into Italian (Italia Senza Nazione? Rome: Donzelli, 2007), and finally into English.

More information about Manlio Graziano's The Failure of Italian Nationhood: The Geopolitics of a Troubled Identity

More information about the Italian Cultural Institute in New York

On September 22, Professor Graziano attended the Annual Conference of the Association of Modern History University Professors in Forli, Italy. He participated in a panel on secularization and presented a paper on the theme: "Europe, Homeland of Secularization?"

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