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Prof. Manlio Graziano Has Three Books Published This Spring

Read more...An impressively prolific author, AGS’s specialist of geopolitics and geopolitics of religion Manlio Graziano has just published three books: two in the US – with Stanford University Press and Columbia University Press – and one in Italy, with the ...

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Professor McGiffen Consulted by the Irish Parliament on the Issue of Water Policies in the EU

Read more...Professor Steve McGiffen was approached by the Joint Committee on the Future Funding of Domestic Water Services of the Oireachtas (Irish Parliament) to assist with their deliberations on the issue, by outlining water services funding systems in other ...

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Professor Yates Invited to Comment on French PM Visit to Beijing on Chinese TV

Read more...On February 23, Professor Douglas Yates was invited by the Chinese TV network CGTN (formerly CCTV News) to speak about the implications of the official state visit of French Prime Minister Bernard Cazeneuve to Beijing to discuss economic cooperation ...

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Professeor Larry Kilman Appointed to UNESCO as Specialist Consultant

Read more...Larry Kilman has been appointed as a specialist consultant to UNESCO on the safety of journalists and the issue of impunity. He will be writing a report on the issue, looking at successful media initiatives that protect journalists and ...

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Prof. Ruchi Anand Shares her Views on US Foreign Policy Prospects Under Trump's Presidency

Professor Ruchi Anand is featured in a documentary about Donald Trump’s presidency, produced by the French national TV network France 5. This 70-minute film focuses on the reasons and consequences of Trump’s presidency, exploring both the ...

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Professor Kilman Appointed to the Institute for Media Strategies in London

Read more...Larry Kilman, Assistant Professor of NGO Management, has been appointed as an Associate to the London-based Institute for Media Strategies, which provides news media companies around the world with insights, advice and training.

The Institute is particularly concerned with helping ...

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Yates Discusses the Paradox of the US Economy

Read more...On Saturday 29 October Professor Yates was invited as a guest on the radio program "Eco d'ici, Eco d'ailleurs", an hour-long economic show that is broadcast every Saturday on the French national radio station RFI.

Yates spoke about the state ...

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Professor Graziano Lectures in Italy About The Geopolitics of Religion

Read more...Professor Manlio Graziano recently participated in three seminars on the geopolitics of religion at universities in Italy: University of Bologna (History department) and University La Sapienza in Rome (Political Science and History departments). He discussed the impact of ...

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African Politics Specialist Douglas Yates Invited to Comment on Ali Bongo's Reelection

Read more...On 24 September, Professor Yates was invited by France 24 television to speak about the recent post-electoral violence in Gabon, following the contested re-election of President Ali Bongo, who is the son of the former president Omar Bongo.

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Yates Publishes Bibliographic Article in Oxford University Press Online Bibliographies

Read more...Professor Yates has just published his article on "Modern Dynastic Rule" in the Oxford University Press Online Bibliographies.

Based on four years of research for a new book that he is writing, this article allowed Yates to share the broad ...

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