Canadian Cooperation Scholarship

Based on cooperation links with the Canadian Embassy in France, the American Graduate School in Paris is offering a special scholarship to students who hold Canadian citizenship and/or are graduating from a Canadian institution of higher education.

This scholarship is based on academic merit and extra-curricular achievements. This scholarship opportunity applies to the following AGS degree programs:

The scholarship amount covers up to 25% of the full tuition of the program concerned (see tuition: M.A. | Ph.D. ). Any scholarship amount granted will be deducted directly from the tuition charged to the beneficiary each semester.


Students enrolling in one of the dual program options are also eligible - note that the scholarship amount then only concerns the AGS portion of the tuition. The scholarship amount does not cover Optional French classes at Alliance Française, housing, nor any living expenses / other personal expenses related to the attendance of the program.

This special scholarship opportunity is designed to support our mission of promoting international education, with a particular focus on transatlantic linkages echoing the long friendship between Canada and France.

See AGS overview


To be eligible for the Canadian Cooperation Scholarship, students must hold Canadian citizenship. Note that as an equal opportunity institution, AGS welcomes students from all nationalities. Other scholarship and financial aid opportunities are available for non-Canadian students (see financial aid overview).

The Canadian Cooperation Scholarship will be awarded to applicants who demonstrate exceptional academic achievement as well as excellence and leadership beyond the classroom. Between equally excellent candidates, the Scholarship Committee will favor those who cannot benefit from other forms of financial aid.

The Canadian Cooperation Scholarship may only be awarded to students enrolling in one of the AGS degree programs on a full-time basis. Part-time students and/or students in non-degree programs are not eligible.


Application deadlines for the scholarship are aligned with each program’s application deadline. However, since the number of scholarships is limited, we strongly recommend that you notify your interest in applying as soon as possible.

Application deadline
(Important: these deadlines do not account for additional time that may be needed for the visa procedure, if applicable)


July 15th (August 15th for students who do not need a visa)


December 15th (January 15th f or students who do not need a visa)

To apply for the Canadian Cooperation Scholarship: you must indicate your interest on your program application form (downloadable here). Please specify "Canadian Cooperation Scholarship" under "Other" in the section on Financial Aid, on page 4 of the form.

How to apply

In addition to the elements required as part of the regular program application procedure, please be sure to include any information or documentation that may help to demonstrate your achievements outside of the classroom.

The Scholarship Committee will reply within four weeks of receipt of the application, and no later than August 22nd for the Fall, January 22nd for the Spring.


Any questions? Pease contact our Financial Aid counselor at

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